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In a world where negative thinking, self-criticism and fear often dominate the day, To Dare: It is Easier to Succeed than To Fail offers an antidote that empowers people with the ability to learn from fear, overcome negativity, and transform lives.

To Dare explores the fears that we feel, day in, day out. Some fears are real and should be respected, but fears that are exaggerated and unfounded keep us from truly experiencing our lives and becoming fulfilled individuals.

In To Dare, we discover how to use fear’s energy to work for us rather than against us, and become the winners – personally and professionally – that we were born to be.

Appealing to the same audience drawn to such bestsellers as What’s Holding You Back, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, and The Power of Positive Thinking, To Dare holds the key to the action solution for transformation.

As a psychotherapist, lecturer, consultant and professor, Dr. Kos specializes in workshops on fear, leadership, optimal productivity, personal responsibility, and communication.

Dr. Kos is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and a member of the International Association of Applied Psychology, among others, and lives in New York City.